Understanding Wrongful Foreclosure

If you are one of the many homeowners who have suffered foreclosure or are on the brink of foreclosure, there are a few options for you. Don’t worry – the fight is not over just yet! While it will take some effort on your behalf, there are a few options available to you for disputing your lender’s foreclosure decision. Your plan of attack will be directly dependent on your particular situation, and your trusted consultant at the Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC will guide you through the entire process of selecting the most appropriate approach and carrying it through.

What If Scenarios

  • Best-Case Scenario: A trustee sale has not taken place yet
  • A trustee sale took place, but the lender redeemed their property on a credit bid since there was no third party bona fide purchaser
  • The party was sold to a third party bona fide purchaser after the trustee sale took place
  • Worst-Case Scenario: A trustee sale took place, your property was sold, and you are now being evicted due to unlawful detainer action against you (Even in this situation we have filed lawsuits and helped people enter into modifications and save their properties)

Should You Sue Your Lender?

The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC can help you make this decision. We will guide you through the process. Directing you through the process with years of backed experience, you can feel confident in your legal decision.

Related Unlawful Detainer

In most cases after a trustee sale has occurred the homeowner will be named as a Defendant in an unlawful detainer action in which the lender or new purchaser will attempt to evict the homeowner.  These proceedings move quickly.  The Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC will help you get through this related action and will attempt to relate the case to the wrongful foreclosure case filed by you against the lender, hopefully resulting in a settlement and prevention of eviction.

Recent Results:

• Permanent loan modification granted and trustee sale rescinded after a complaint was filed after the trustee sale took place and the client was going to be evicted. In fact, a sheriff’s lock out was prevented, the client was modified and the sale was rescinded.Through the year and a half process the client did not make mortgage payments.

• Client provided with permanent a loan modification and $30,000.00 settlement.

• Client provided with $25,000.00 settlement after unlawful trustee sale took place a few years prior;

• Client provided with a loan modification review and still in property despite having gotten a judgment for eviction over a year ago.

• Senior citizen couple kept their home of 30 years with an affordable modification that reduced $180,000.00 from the principal amount and provided them with a fixed affordable monthly payment.

California Foreclosure Laws

Did you know that California has strict foreclosure laws that many lenders have failed to acknowledge?

If your lender has not complied with the requirements set forth for a valid trustee sale, you have the right to defend your constitutional rights.

You have two options: You can either dispute the lender in pro per (without legal representation), or you can hire an attorney from the Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, APC to vindicate the lender’s rights for you.  Either way we can help you by either being your counsel of record or helping you prepare the necessary documents to represent yourself.

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