What Is MyCase?

We utilize a third party software that enhances the client-attorney experience tremendously. MyCase provides you with a secure environment to collaborate and communicate with your law firm and attorneys. You can exchange secure case information and billing information instead of relying on standard channels of communication.

You can have access to the documents filed and received in your case, as well as access to all billing and costs such that you can monitor the costs as they are being incurred.  Sign up today to start utilizing the most optimized platform for client-attorney communication!

More Services

  1. Wrongful Forclosures

    We will determine whether filing a lawsuit is in your best interest and whether we can save your home or get you compensation for an unlawful sale.  Additionally we will help you if you are in an unlawful detainer action resulting from foreclosure.

  2. Corporate Formation

    Avoid overpaying in taxes each year by utilizing tax savings and liability protection that comes hand in hand with incorporation.

  3. Estate Planning

    Protect your loved ones and assets by avoiding the excessive fees and costs that come with probate and instead allow us to maximize your estate planning measures.

  4. Forms
  5. Payment

    Experience ease in making payments through our innovative website.

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