The Importance Of Estate Planning

All of your hard work and dedication deserves to be protected, even after you pass. By making sure that all of your estate planning is in order, you will save your family from the stresses, delays and costs related to probate.

Do you know that probate fees and costs are based upon the fair market value of the estate without accounting for any debt?  This means that if you own a house that is valued at $500,000 (even if the mortgage is over $450,000), your estate will include the $500,000 value.  The statutory fees for probate add up to about $4000 per every $100,000 of estate value.  Meaning, your family would have to pay approximately $20,000 to probate an estate valued at $500,000.

Alternatively you could create an estate plan consisting of a Living Revocable Trust, Pour Over Will, Advanced Healthcare Directive, Financial Power of Attorney and Deed Transfer of a property into the Trust which would avoid the hassle and cost of probate.   The fees for a comprehensive estate plan begin at approximately $2500.00.

Additionally if you have underage children, a Will is necessary to designate their guardians or else a judge will make that crucial decision for you.

We will be your guiding hand in making sure all of the bases are covered so that you can feel confident for the future. Your final wishes will be carried out in the form of a family trust, pour over will, durable power of attorney for finances, and/or advanced health care directive. We can even help you avoid probate while still having your final wishes granted.

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