Our Services Include The Preparation Of the Following Documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization – This is filed through the Secretary of State and will designate your corporate status (Corporation of Limited Liability Company);
  • Bylaws or Operating Agreement – We will prepare this specific documentation which designates the powers and rights of shareholders, directors and officers, and managers if operating as an LLC.
  • Statement of Information – This will be prepared and filed on your behalf with the Secretary of State.
  • Federal Tax ID Number Application – We will file this documentation with the IRS on your behalf.
The Benefits of Incorporation

Rather than overpaying in taxes each year, you can take advantage of tax savings and the shield of liability that comes hand in hand with incorporation.

  • Limited Liability – Since you are deemed as a separate entity when you operate as a corporation, you are not liable for any debts or liabilities incurred by your business . This means you and your personal assets will be protected during business litigation.
  • Tax Savings – Since there are about 150 allowable expense deductibles for S corporations, and over 300 for C corporations, you can minimize your taxable income and take advantage of benefitting from pre-taxed income expenses

More Services

  1. Wrongful Forclosures

    We will determine whether filing a lawsuit is in your best interest and whether we can save your home or get you compensation for an unlawful sale.  Additionally we will help you if you are in an unlawful detainer action resulting from foreclosure.

  2. Estate Planning

    Protect your loved ones and assets by avoiding the excessive fees and costs that come with probate and instead allow us to maximize your estate planning measures.

  3. Forms
  4. MyCase

    Enhance the client-attorney experience by managing your case and communicating with all involved parties on MyCase.

  5. Payment

    Experience ease in making payments through our innovative website.

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