Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

Are you fearful that your humble abode where you have made a lifetime of family memories may be foreclosed upon? Looking for a solution that will allow you and your family to take on a fresh start? If you are finding it difficult to make your mortgage payments, it may be time to consider bankruptcy for your second chance.

What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a permanent strategy , which changes the terms of the original loan, accounts for delinquent payments and allows you to secure a more affordable payment and keep your home . By altering one or more terms of your loan agreement, the loan becomes reinstated, and the homeowner can experience financial hardship relief.

What Info Will I Need To Collect To Discuss My Eligibility For Bankruptcy?

  • Hardship Letter
  • 2 Years of Income Tax Returns
  • List of Expenses

Additional documents may be necessary, but your legal counsel will keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process.

Recent Results:

• Secured a rescission of trustee sale and bankruptcy for a client who was provided with a Sheriff’s 5-day notice to vacate the property in November 2014.

• Secured a $30,000.00 settlement and bankruptcy for a couple who had not paid their mortgage for over 2 years.

• Secured a rescission of trustee sale, bankruptcy and $5000 settlement for a client who had an eviction judgment entered against him in December 2013.

• Secured settlement of $17,500 for a client who had sold his home but felt as though the lender/servicer had acted wrongfully in reviewing his bankruptcy application.

• Secured settlement of $25,000 for a client whose home had been foreclosed upon 2 years prior to the filing of the suit.

• Secured settlement of $15,000 for a client whose home had been foreclosed upon a year prior to the filing of the suit.

• Secured bankruptcy for a fixed term loan with a $180,000 balance reduction for a senior citizen couple whose home of 35 years was going to be foreclosed upon.

• Facilitated sale of father’s home for client who was prevented from purchasing the home prior to foreclosure via reverse mortgage upon her father’s death.

• Secured a settlement of $7500 and 8 extra free months at their home for a couple who could not afford their home mortgage or a modification and had not paid a mortgage for 3 years.

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